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Charcoal Portraiture by Artist James M. Berger 
~ Commissions Accepted


Below you will find a small example of my work.
The originals are completed with charcoal, upon hardwood panels which have been coated with a Gesso medium which contains marble dust.
In essence I'm drawing on marble and these things'll be around for a few hundred years and can be handed down through the generations. 
Hardwood panels are used, in lieu of canvas or paper to avoid potential damage to the finished piece.
Canvas/paper is vulnerable to rips etc., as well, paper needs to be framed/displayed behind glass, which may cause glare while viewing. 
Hardwood Panels may be either cradled/braced (18"x24" and larger) with (1/2"- 1") square dowels or left un-cradled 18"x24" and smaller) dependent on customers framing choices.

Most of the work shown below were precursors for finished oil paintings, though stand quite well on their own as finished works of art.

All subject matter will be considered. Landscapes/Seascapes, Human and animal. I'll do my very best to usher your vision into reality.
If a custom portrait or other work of fine art is something that is of interest to you, don't hesitate to get the process started. Also, if you are interested in purchasing a work that is displayed below, ask, Giclee' reproductions of the pieces, either upon thick, archival, fine art paper or canvas, can be produced to order. In various sizes to accommodate your display requirements.

Email inquiries may be sent to and we can discuss what you have in mind.
My easels fill up fast and each work takes 3+ months to complete, dependent on complexity and individual variables etc.

Thanks very much for your interest in my work and enjoy a blessed day.

(If you are able to click on an image below, it'll lead you to the completed oil painting.)


Sand Castles
Always in our Hearts
9-11 Always in our Hearts

Scott (Ghost Firearms Instructor)



The StoryBook
After William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1877

Lance (Blues Traveler)

Twilight's Preyer
Peace be with you
Peace be with You

Snow Day (Bernese Mountain Dog)

Living Water

Jason in Iraq

Jackson (Ghost Firearms Training Instructor)

Old Man in Red (after Rembrandt)

Charles Squires

Paul (Ghost Firearms Training Instructor)




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